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Our specialty is personal training. We focus on YOUR unique goals.

Who We Are

QFit is a private, personal training studio, located in the heart of historic Bellevue. Our urban-styled boutique studio and tailored services are just as unique as you. We provide cutting edge training and take a custom approach to nutrition coaching.


What sets us apart is our attention to detail & individualized approach to fitness. One size does not fit all. We value education and take the time to explain the “why” behind our training.


We believe the “Quality of our life is impacted by the quality of our habits.” QFit is dedicated to enhancing individuals’ quality of life. We teach proper fitness techniques and how to create a sound nutrition program.


By tailoring a program to meet your specific needs and goals, we create a practical fitness & nutrition plan that supports your lifestyle.


Quality Nutrition


Quality Movement


Quality Wellbeing

"The Quality of our life is impacted by the Quality of our habits"


- Hal Elrod

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