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Karen, 70

My heart rate monitor just reminded me "it's time to move" as I sit at this computer. I am also hearing a "Melissa" voice. At our sessions together, Melissa provides knowledgeable and planned workouts, excellent direction and sharp attention to proper form.


Thanks to her professional attitude, when my alert buzzes, I know what I can do when I am not in her studio for exercise. She tailors my workouts not only to my fitness goals, but also to my physical abilities, with substantial encouragement to progress.


She is also an enthusiastic proponent of healthy and clean eating and I enjoy her willingness to share recipes, and sometimes samples, of her latest culinary discoveries and creations.

Steve, 43

Melissa has been my trainer for over 10 years! She personalizes the workout to help you achieve your goals. She focuses on proper form, switching up the workouts, and accountability- which has given me solid results!


She has also helped me reach my goal weight by sharing her nutrition knowledge. I have set some challenging goals and Melissa has helped me achieve many of them with her attention to detail and encouraging attitude.


Having her as my trainer has made a big difference in my fitness journey!

Amy, 40

I have always been into fitness and love working out, whether it be running, walking, or strength training. Several years ago I was looking for something new and started attending a “boot camp” style class, lead by Melissa, twice a week with co-workers. It was fun and challenging. I was hooked!

I began training with my friend in a dual training session with Melissa twice a week. Melissa keeps it fun and full of energy. She never repeats a workout & each session is fully curated to fit personal needs/abilities. If something is difficult she offers encouragement that keeps me motivated.

Each workout with Melissa challenges me in new ways. She always pushes me to perform at top levels, focusing on form and ability. She knows my limitations, and always offers alternatives when needed. She caters to athletes, those just getting started and everyone in-between.

Melissa offers advice on what to eat to stay healthy and strong, and what to do on the off days that you don’t get to meet with her. She cares about each client as if they were family. I look forward to each and every workout with Melissa. She is the best!

Joe, 40

Stuck doing the same thing, same routine, I was getting the same results. I hit a plateau with the workouts I was doing on my own.


After seeing a post from a neighbor on social media, I decided to explore working with a personal trainer. Of course I needed a tailored workout to suit my physical health goals, but Melissa helped me identify set measurables while focusing on nutrition.


The personalized attention I receive during my sessions with Melissa has helped me surpass my initial goals and set/achieve new ones through this tailored approach. 

I can't recommend QFit and Melissa enough!

Julie, 50

I have been a client of Melissa's for over 3 years. She was an important part of my initial transformation and continues to keep me motivated to stay healthy and active. Every session is different. It never gets boring.

Tom, 59

I have worked with Melissa for over 10 years. It's been an amazing journey. During those years I have had a number of fitness challenges due to extensive spine and neck surgeries. Melissa is knowledgeable in ways that have helped me reach and maintain my weight-management and fitness goals in spite of the challenges. She even connected with my docs and physical therapist to ensure our work together supported and augmented the treatment plans from these medical professionals. She is patient and attentive, tailoring my workouts to my needs and goals. I wholeheartedly recommend Melissa--she's great!

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