We take the guesswork out of getting started or taking you to the next level in your fitness journey. We're here for the long-term. Our attention to detail, professionalism, & welcoming boutique culture attracts and retains both clients and trainers.


Our personal trainers come to inspire and listen to your needs. Through our instruction you will gain a better understanding of your body as a whole. We implement safe and effective programs that deliver results.  We are educated, motivated, and fun to work with!

Our packages include a consultation, fitness assessment, full body analysis, measurements, goal setting, and scheduling in addition to in-person training sessions. We also offer nutrition guidance & follow-up sessions to make sure you are progressing towards your goals.

Private Personal Training

This is the fastest & most personalized way to achieve your fitness goals. We match you with with the trainer who best meets your needs. 


One-on-One, you will learn about the importance of a strong foundation, proper form, and gain key insights into quality nutrition. Together we evaluate & track your progress. In Private Training, you have a detailed & personalized program tailored to your individual goals. 

Private Partner Training

Exercising with a partner can help you get and stay motivated, keep you accountable & ensure that you stick with your program. 

Working out with a partner gives you a reason to show up for your workouts and can inspire you to work harder to reach your goals. Sharing sessions with a partner also allows you to reap the benefits of personal training at a discounted per-session rate.

Getting in shape can also be more fun with a friend. So whether you have a friend in mind or need a second half to your pair, we can help! 

Private Small Group Training

This is an affordable way to have individualized programming for small groups with common goals in a private setting over a set period of time. This type of setting is designed to improve motivation, accountability, and results. Have a group in mind? Reach out and we'll schedule a series of sessions tailored exactly to what your group wants to accomplish. 

This option is best for you if: You, your friend, sister, and father all have a similar goal of _______ . We'll schedule sessions that work best for everyone and formulate a plan over several weeks. Plus! You have the same feeling of one-on-one coaching with added cost saving benefits and motivation from your peers.